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TARGET is uniquely positioned to service the wide spectrum of inbound and outbound customer interaction and back office processing services to both retail and corporate customers. We are capable of offering consulting, offshore development and BPO services to both large and small companies and 'growth innovators'. Our support for various processes have been clubbed under the following broad services:

Customer Care
Ensuring customer 'delight', building loyalty and creating opportunities
We, at TARGET, help our clients establish benchmarks in world-class customer service. At TARGET, every associate strives to bring exceptional experience to the client's customers and provide first contact resolution. Our host of customer care services helps in establishing and maintaining 'customer relationship management'. The scope of services vary from simple queries (accounts details and maintenance, information on products and services purchased, travel services required, service changes / swaps) to complex questions (escalations, premier queues). The customer care arm can also provide inbound sales including cross-sell and up-sell services. This can generate significant revenues for our clients. We provide exceptional experience in:
Customer retention
Research escalated cases and provide solution
Cross-sell / up-sell purchases
Compliant and query resolution
Activation and change of services
Billing queries
Product information support
Order management
Warranty / replacement support
Booking and reservations
Loyalty programs
Account queries and maintenance
Insurance claims calls

Technical Support
Extending support beyond sales by providing simple solutions to complex problems
Rapidly changing technology and demand for simple to complex technology driven products has changed the service expectations of the customers. TARGET can provide all levels of technical support for businesses and consumers. This includes providing services for simple customer service, product information requiring specialist knowledge and complex issues management. The services also include tech-support related to escalations and high-end queries. Provide step-by-step guidance to queries on:
Troubleshooting support
Installation support
Software usage and problems
Application and desktop related queries
Internet related issues
Connectivity problems
Up-sell / cross-sell services and products
Computer hardware queries
Product related services queries
Product upgradation and accessories

Reducing risk and enhancing bottom lines

We have implemented both inbound and outbound calling processes for our financial services clients. The outbound calls are made for the 1st and 2nd stage collections from prime and sub-prime mortgage customers of the client's home mortgage products. The calls are made to delinquent customers to gain a promise to pay or when acknowledging the payment. The agents handling these accounts are fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collections Act. All agents are trained and tested comprehensively on FDCPA. In addition, production scheduling and call processes are designed to ensure full adherence to FDCPA at all times.

Generating leads and adding value

We provide services for outbound direct marketing campaign, selling home equity loans to target consumers, telesales for extended warranty, welcome calls, insurance calls, selling the services related to partner programs and promotions, selling 'sticky services' and sales referrals. We strictly adhere to the "Do not call list" and other respective State and Federal Telemarketing rules.

Transaction Processing and Back Office services
Extending support to increase accuracy and reduce turnaround time

TARGET provides backend support and processes voluminous transactions for its clients. We provide expertise for both, contact and non-contact services. Our systematic approach towards training, quality control and service delivery helps our agents / associates, process transactions and consistently perform above the client's enterprise averages. Reduce costs and consistently provide quality outputs in:
Claims registration, adjudication and processing
Application processing
Order fulfillment
Information verification and confirmation
Skip tracing
Payroll processing
Research, analyze and resolve escalated cases
Account maintenance and changes
Correspondence management
Data conversion

Re-Engineering and Value Added Services.
Sharing benefits, improving processes and removing inefficiencies

Our co-sourcing model seamlessly integrates with and works as an extension of our clients. TARGET has introduced, developed and used various tools to bring process improvements, productivity gains and quality enhancements. Some of our initiatives have also been replicated by our clients. Share best practices and add value through:
Creation, updation and re-engineering of training processes and manuals
Introducing transitioning methodologies
Customized and real-time reporting tools
New technology / applications implementations
Domain training and tailored hiring processes
Introduction of middleware for automation and efficiencies
Quality management tools such as Six Sigma, Pareto, Kano Analysis, Fish Bone Analysis, Time and Motion Study for process improvements

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