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TARGET brings the expertise to support your processes through multiple service channels. We communicate and process through different mediums across various domains and processes. TARGET's 'Center of Excellence' brings best practices and learning to further enhance our skills in the use of these channels.

Just a call away

We can provide support via telephone for a host of functions. The spectrum of services includes customer care, technical support and outbound programs. Given below are some of the services provided:
Customer service
Telemarketing / telesales
Technical support
Loyalty programs
Booking and reservations
Service activations
Complete query resolution
Escalated calls
Payroll processing
Customer satisfaction surveys

Responding to your thoughts

TARGET provides support for simple to complex processes. We have the experience to control scale with complexity and can very successfully handle the peak season for our clients. Our services include:
Customer care
Technical support
Order fulfillment
Complete query resolution
Escalated cases

Lets solve it together

TARGET can provide live technical support through real-time chat by migrating phone users. We have expertise in providing chat support for:
Customer care
Technical support

Data (Back-Office and transaction processing)
Information to intelligence
TARGET is capable of providing backend support and can process a high volume of transactions for its clients. Our systematic approach towards training, quality control and service delivery helps our agents / associates process transactions and consistently perform above the clients' enterprise averages. We deliver high accuracy and provide support in:
Research, analyze and resolve queries
Claims registration, processing and adjudication
End-to-end order fulfillment and logistic management
Correspondence management
Service changes
Liability processing
Account verification and confirmation Information validation
Skip tracing
Payroll processing
Account maintenance
Application processing
Data conversion

Blended services
Optimizing your resources

TARGET provides integrated services to its clients wherein the agents are handling more than one channel simultaneously. The agents are trained to provide support for multiple channels and use more than one medium for communicating and processing a contact / record:
Correspondence management
Claims specialists
Technical support
Customer care
Payroll processing

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